I am very happy with my purchase

This morning I went on Amazon and ordered the new Infected Rain cd, “Endorphin.” It came with a download, I listened to it, and I like it quite a bit. I still like to have a physical cd, though. It’s their fourth album, and possibly their best one yet.

Here’s a couple singles off it, for those who are curious. Lyric videos.

There’s another band I like, A Killer’s Confession, that was supposed to have one coming out today, too, but apparently the release date got postponed a week. I went ahead and pre-ordered the cd, anyway.


Why do t you just get a music streaming service? Best $10 a month I spend.

I’m aware of streaming services, but I greatly prefer having CDs. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way. I have satellite radio in my car, but I have never used it, always play CDs.

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she sounds angry

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Lol, yeah just the style of music and, yes, possibly a bit of venting on her part.


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