I am using a time counter for my gaming time now

Spending too much time on gaming is very unhealthy.I used to play around 6-8 hours a day on gaming during weekday and then 12 hours during weekend,I believe this is one of the main causes of my mental health problem as I got addicted to it and sacrificed sleep

Today with technology I can help myself by limiting my gaming time,I only wish to play 14 hours of game a week,two hours a day and would not spend a minute over 14 hours inorder to not get addicted.I believe I can do this,I downloaded the timer apps on IOS to help me count my gaming hours…

Some gaming can be beneficial to health also,I love soccer and admire professional soccer player but it’s too late for me to go pro and make a name,playing fifa can help me realize my dream in the virtual world,if not life would be boring,but I also know that too much time on virtual world can make you lose track of your real life,limiting gaming time is the best course of action


This is the app

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yap bro gaming is always fun and interesting as for today it is informative creativity …it has different world…
so one should take advantage of its positive side … so game safe know the technology…enjoy life what it use be…

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That sounds like a really good solution. You can still enjoy… but have time management.

I like this idea… I might put a timer on some of the less productive stuff I do.

balance and moderation.

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Sounds great …

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Thanks all of you…

There are also apps that you can use to limit your hours of internet use. For example - on the Mac there is a free app called self-control that allows you to block web sites that you’re spending too much time on.


There are similar types of apps on the PC too.

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Limiting people’s use of a computer’s proprietary software with MORE proprietary software. Sounds like a death knell for computing freedom.

No - this software blocks certain web sites that a person feels they are accessing too much - like a gaming web site.

I am talking about people’s rights when it comes to software, and being able to do/manipulate/modify the software as they please.

That app is actually open source - so you could modify it. But you need to be a software type of person to do that obviously.

What a stupid “app.” Why would anyone want to install an app that limits what they do? I see that it is under the GNU/GPL license, but this goes against the grain of everything open source. I can’t think of anybody who would want this. If you can’t control what you look at on the internet, give your computer to the dumpster.

I use this app - and love it - it helps me focus on the things I want to focus on, and avoid those things on the web that I really don’t want to focus on that I sometimes get caught up with (e.g. technology news).

Just out of curiosity, are you a software engineer/programmer?