I am trying to make adjustments and evolve

I am trying to make adjustments and evolve.
Nutrition adjustments may help me with my stamina and capacity to do stuff.
I want to act according to recommendations, and do weight training before aerobic exercise,
and limit myself to one set of aerobic exercise per day because more than that is too much.
In parallel I am trying to develop my cognition by studying chinese characters.
I have also found some methods to reduce the pressure of intrusive thoughts.
Overall my trajectory is upwards, toward improvement and recovery.

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Take your meds.

And a good way to improve cognition is through multi-tasking.

Walnut oil is really good for the brain, and you are doing it right by having a positive outlook on your direction. My recommendation is to start doing research in to what you can take as far as supplements and vitamins to get your mind and body feeling even better. That approach is working really well for me personally.

I prefer to find methods to handle intrusive thought content that do not include deleterious medications.
The medications used for schizophrenia are deleterious and dangerous.
They mess with your brain and it is better to avoid them if possible.
I prefer at all costs to try to hang on and improve sans medications.
I have found methods like wearing a hat, using herbs and other things, that help me keep intrusive thoughts in check.

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I agree.

But can you live without said medication(s) ?

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