I am trying to figure out how worried to be?

I had a split second where I thought all of the bits on the kitchen floor were bugs, this evening.

That is generally about the first thing to start on an actual episode.

my conversation has gone right out of the window, able to function normally only on and off - as in i was chatty with a virtual stranger for 10 mins today.
and i shouted at my family some unreasonable opinions today as well

I have managed to get worried on a Friday again so no help till Monday

Please - the bugs on the floor thing, how bad actually is that,? for you ? when do you get this? I don’t even think about it most of the time. only other thought is maybe because i had a lot to drink on monday and sunday, and friday


I don’t think the bugs are in itself the problem. That’s just a specific hallucination. What’s important is to continue visiting our psychiatrist, take our meds and always remember: those things are not real. We have a disease, a common one. And not to worry. Worrying doesn’t help at all. It only brings anxiety, which is the cause of more psychotic episodes. Hugs.

just ignore the floor and what you see there until you can get help with a pdoc. don’t be scared. you are just really delusional it seems. I am upping my meds as a matter of fact too. I am getting more intrusive thoughts than I used to. I haven’t alerted my pdoc in a long time and they were kind of startled. I assured them I will be o k since my girlfriend and family keep check on me and my life. I think that’s why I figured it out. Good luck on getting stable @CloudDog

I drank a liter and a half bottle of White Port on Wednesday. Thursday I was wrecked. I think it is a bad idea to drink on the holidays.

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I drank some rum and cokes the other night and I liked it but I get to a point where it’s like. I think I’ll go to bed. boring I guess I’m trying to say. especially when drinking alone. my girlfriend was there but she wasn’t drinking. the next night my best friend from college finished off the rum and cokes and I just smoked weed. He was funny and tried it a couple of times cracked me up. I have to give up the weed tomorrow. It’s either buy or be very poor until the 15th, and that would just kill my holiday glee in my heart, so I have decided not to buy anymore. I really want to stop now.

That stuff makes you feel pretty good for a while, but afterwards you feel rotten. Alcohol is a depressant, so it will make your depression worse if your depressed. I hate that sour, bummed out, hungover feeling the next day.

i like the bugs…but that is just me .
for me that pretty much is an everyday thing, i see hell below my feet…but i don’t take meds.
hope you are feeling better today.
take care