I am trying to be just on one med - my AP

I was on 8 psych meds, and now I am on 4

Amisulpride 800mg, Pregabalin 300mg, Diazepam 5mg and Promethazine 25mg

Eventually I just want to be on 400mg Amisulpride

My specialist pdoc is ghosting me.

Having to do this myself

I know the risks of reducing, but this time I am not going cold turkey

The speed is fast, but not as drastic as in the past.

Do you think this is a reasonable goal after being so stable for so long?

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Im only on haloperidol and trintellix. Hence I have post psychotic depression, that is why im on antidepressant. Before that I was on haloperidol, cyclodol, quetiapine, depakote. Cut them all by myself, cause psych ward doctors main goal is to reach your sanity to high one and doesnt matter if you do not function anymore

I’m on two meds (invega trinza and benztropine) and wish I didn’t need any. But I know if I don’t get my next injection it will eventually land me in the hospital. This happened to me 5 times before I finally accepted that I need medication to function - at least for the time being.

I wouldn’t suggest to anyone that they drop 1 med without consultation, let alone 3. That sounds unreasonable. It’s an achievement to come down from 8 to 4. If you want to prove to your doctor that he/she should hear your concerns, take the initiative to demonstrate your progression. I would start there.


Possibly, but there really is no way to predict what will happen until you try. I am only on 1 AP, but I am on 5 meds altogether. I can’t go any lower. 2 are for diabetes, 1 for cholesterol, 1 for insomnia and 1 for schizophrenia, but I use to be on 8 meds like you. I’m doing great on these 5.

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Oh definitely, you want to be on as few meds as possible. However that doesn’t mean zero meds, and for people who are just freshly being diagnosed, meds are the best option. But there are folks who have been diagnosed a long time and have reduced or eliminated their AP. Going down to nothing but AP strikes me as a good move as long as you can handle it. You gotta work with your doctor and make sure you call him/her if you feel an episode coming on.

I got taken down from 7.5 to 5.0 milligrams of zyprexa last month and so far I’m very happy with the change.

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You need a new pdoc ASAP!

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I don’t get to choose. The State assigns me one.

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That’s awful. Sometimes people just don’t get along well. What if you need a second opinion?

I asked this a while ago and they said no chance. Done deal.

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That is awful. Drs can overlook things or be wrong. That’s horrible that you can’t get a second opinion

I’m on 3 meds: Invega, clozapine and Wellbutrin.

Since you now have a good paying job maybe you can afford a private pdoc?

Your talking £300 per hour… Then the meds you can’t get free and have to pay for them too… then you can’t see them if you’re under the NHS, and the NHS won’t discharge me, so either way I am screwed

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In Belgium you can just choose your pdoc. My current psychiatrist charges less for people who are on disability. I see her every 6 weeks for 30 min. I pay her 48€ and get 39€ back from my health insurance. In all honesty I think there could be much improved to the UK mental health system.

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This is an interesting graph: • Chart: On The Couch: The Most Psychiatrists Per Capita | Statista

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