I am trying my best to fight for treatment. How good is this email I just sent?

  • The refusal of psychology is in my opinion a wrong decision, which I would like the opportunity to contest with the decision maker. I appreciate you have worked hard to try and get this sorted, but I feel we need to press harder to get this sorted out. If we cannot reach an agreement with the head of the department, then I am afraid this is sending the wrong signal. You know as well as I do that my first round was ineffective. [Name removed] did not provide the appropriate treatment, and I do not think it’s good that I am left to rot in psychological sewage when there is potential to get help down this avenue. Dr.[Name removed] informed me that I would be referred to the voices clinic, yet a month later I have not heard a thing about it - not even a waiting letter etc

  • Secondly, I want a proper session F2F with[Name removed] for a re-evaluation of the recent diagnosis of depression. If it is indeed true, he knows I am not taking my medication for this illness. This cannot be left unchecked if I have clinical depression that requires treatment. The fact is my quality of life is being greatly reduced by my low mood, and the waves of extreme hopeless feeling that I get and have experienced more often recently. I tried to get Dr. [Name removed] to call me on Friday, as my anxiety has been playing up again.

  • Thirdly, previously you mentioned the Haven service to me. On more than one occasion the operator on the mental health line recommended that this might be a suitable thing for me to do to take a break from all that’s going on here, right now for 72 hours. However, once I get put through to a clinician, this promise of a support to see me through the weekend is taken from me and I get angered. You said to me that you thought this service would help me when I needed it, but I am denied this also by those who’re supposed to be meeting my needs over the weekend out of hours

  • Fourthly, my time with the employment support service - dealing with[Name removed] , ends in June. This timed intervention much like the psychology is not coming at a good time. I fear that once that support is gone I am royally screwed. Right now I am concocting my exit strategy from working, and burning through my savings to support myself until the state can can take on some of the financial burden in the position I find myself in. This is obviously a massive decision to make, and I will need to be supported on this endeavour post-June. What is the solution to this event that is due to take hold? I am going to be contacting my booked customers shortly to refund their money, and drop the works planned from after June, which is after I stop seeing[Name removed] (On the phone of course) Who will ensure that the UC50 is filled out well enough for me to qualify for the support as [Name removed] kindly organised with her colleague Fran?

  • Fifth, I was promised that I would be getting lists of help for trying to help me with the pitfalls of having Autism. Dr.[Name removed] , and yourself have promised me lists of support available that are up to date? [Name removed] told me after the diagnosis was made that her techniques would not work on me, and[Name removed] was supposed to attend my doctor appointment to hand over the diagnosis to Dr. [Name removed]and ensure it was treated in some way. I feel the service has rightly diagnosed me with this condition, however the issue still remains that I am socially inept, and this is having a significant impact on my functioning as I am trying to be a part of the community, but now I know why this is so hard. The original list I was sent to organise my own support in the third sector was not appropriate or fit for purpose. One place for example told me their waiting list was too long and refused to even put me on it

  • Sixth, the lack of medical help with my medications is wholly frustrating. These meds come with significant side effects, and part of my refusal process for the anti-depressant was due to the side effect profile of Mitrazapine, but no follow up on any meds other than being put on a six monthly pdoc review is conducted. How am I expected to just blindly take these meds without proper monitoring? For example, I was left by my GP on Olnazapine for two years, and I went from 59 kilos to 96 kilos in that time. Dr. [Name removed] worked extremely hard to rectify this, but of course he’s not here anymore. Dr. [Name removed] is a brilliant and caring doctor, but I feel the undue pressure put on the NHS staff means they just don’t have the time to put in the time required.

I am not going to elaborate further, as this has already turned into a long email.

Basically, I expect this to be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

The Trust - and I say the Trust as the overarching organisation - has until the end of June to make some progress.

If there is no progress, I expect to be discharged from services - taking immediate effect.

We get to this end date, I am making it abundantly clear to you right now that I do not require the assistance of the Trust.

What has become apparent is that I am now probably what you term as a long term service user, which I find wholly unacceptable to be in this position when treatment options are being exhausted after just one attempt.

My patience is wearing incredibly thin right now, hence this email I am sending to you now.

Basically if you take one thing from this, it’s if you can no longer offer the required treatments because we tried and failed, and I am a waste of time, resource and effort, I’d rather just deal with my ■■■■■■■ GP that by the way, still deals with me despite me asking you to remove her from my case.

If we get to the end of June - which I think is a reasonable deadline, we will have to work on an exit strategy together, as I am not prepared to be treated like a stone in someones shoe that won’t go away


I find the overall tone to be a bit angry and threatening. I think firm but diplomatic is the way you should be approaching this email.

Just my 2 cents…


It’s too late for me to amend. I already sent it


I even worked out my doc’s email, so he’ll see it too


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No biggie…

You can always follow up later with a calmer email, explaining you were exasperated when you wrote that letter, if need be.

My only concern is that perhaps these people might get concerned for their safety from you as you are struggling with mental health issues.

Or i could just be over analyzing this. I find emails can be interpreted 6 different ways to Sunday.

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Emails suck - there is no two ways about it

Maybe I will gauge the reaction, but from past experience this will just be ignored and not dealt with

I fully expect my deadline to be missed wholly

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You have a deft way with the pen, that’s for sure. I hope things work out for you.

I studied History and Sociology at University.

About the only useful thing that came out of it is my writing abilities.

May put it to better use in the future, but right now need to get myself sorted out

It’s unacceptable to me how I am being treated, and I want to improve further so I can do more

Sorry i hate to say it - and im literally “next door” to you in the other county - but i think your asking too much.

In all honesty, that email will probably be read by the shrinks secretary and probably wont go much further. They are overwhelmed at the moment - and i myself have just lost my care co-ordinator which probably wont be filled for at least a year.

Im sorry to say it, and its wrong - but to avoid dissappointment - i would lower your expectations.

Edit: And because you can actively work - i very much doubt you will be seen as a high priority anyway. Sorry.

I think it was overall a good email. You brought up very valid concerns. You could definitely have been more diplomatic and tried to avoid assigning blame,but you are alerting them to very real issues with the system.

My main thought is that this will not be read by anyone who can actually make the changes you are asking for. Your treatment team is trying super hard to meet your needs. The government is not providing them with the resources they need to do that. If there is some hope, I would say it would come in the form of one of your docs summarizing the complaints to a supervisor who can bring it up atthe next budget proposal meeting. You were very eloquent in pointing out the shortcomings of the system, and the way the community is losing out by not providing adequate supports. You just seem to be pinning the blame on the wrong people.

It might be worth editing the email to just explain your experience with these supports and the impact they have had on your life and your decision to leave the work force, and then sending that to whatever government representative might be in charge of allocating funding for mental health resources in your area. You could post the edit on here before sending it and we could help make it sound very polished. You are addressing very real concerns and I think you do so in a very clear way.


I don’t know why you would mention several real people by their full names in a forum thread. That’s not very nice of you.

Well thanks for flagging it. I would have removed the names if you’d said about it.

You can’t edit the post unless someone flags it first. I don’t control what the mods decide after I flag it.

It won’t let me edit it. The names are meaningless anyways, but I will remove them if I am given the opportunity - or if @ninjastar just wants to remove the whole thread, go for it

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I think I got all the names. Can’t believe i didnt think about it before but yeah, definitely good to remove the names. Let me know if i missed one.

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Sorry I didn’t think. I wasn’t trying to intentionally ‘not be nice’ as @anon9798425 seems to think

No, that’s not what I think. I think you just didn’t realize when you posted the thread how it could have affected those people.

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sorry, I forget this is all public sometimes


No worries, it was only up for about an hour,I doubt any damage was done.

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