I am tired of being tranqulized

We are legaly bided drug addicts.

My overall personal experience with psychiatrists has not been a good one. I realize that not every psychiatrist is going to be a bad doctor- I am lucky to have found a very good doctor that does not believe in over medicating her patients- the doctors from my past over medicated me unnecessarily.
These meds are necessary many times - but being on the right med at the right dose is vital.
Sometimes higher doses have to be used especially during emergency type situations, but many pdocs don’t adjust these meds enough

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Wake up! Wake up!

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I was overmedicated once, i was given 3mg. And than i started arguing with my psychatrist to lower the dose, she lowered to 2mg, although i was only taking 3mg for one year , i got withdrawal symptoms but it was not bad, latter i told to lower up to 1.75. He lied to me and said that it doesnt work that way. He said i can only lower or up the dose of risperdal by 1,2,3, so he gave me 1mg, i had a sever hypomania with delusion, i thought its my psychosis talking latter when i learned that it was the withdrawal symptom, i got angry at him, he intantially did that so that i will complitly submit to him. If i have any chance i will sue him and have his licence suspended, but mentally ill vs psychatrist there is no winning. I am now 1.25 i feel great but i am living with the damage the 3mg done to me.