I am thinking toask for assistence from spiritual beings

I dont know what questions to ask them what to seek … anyone tried asking assistence from spiritual beings

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What do u mean …

Like going in altered state

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Bad idea. You don’t want to encourage delusional thoughts. And intentionally putting yourself in an altered state will probably lead to terrifying hallucinations.


I dont think it’s up to u. They will find u, if u really need the help, but dont count on it.

Asking for assistance from supernatural beings sounds a lot like prayer.
I pray all the time, even though, even though, I am not sure who I am praying to or who is praying!

I tried this with deep meditation… i cannot tell if the things i saw were real or hallucinations. Mostly all i recieved was ptsd and nightmares that continue into awake time… i feel like i just made it worse playing so far into the abyss of my mind…

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Anyone has a spiritual being and you can ask help from him or her, even your doctor but the problem is that if her or his soul is darker than you or evilish then your problem will be double,

So be careful who you want help from,
My opinion and experience : Official prophets are safe to ask help from,