I am the now a mad scientist

I’ve decided on a research lab! I will be a research assistant for a big load of data about pathological gamblers. It’s data from a clinic in Arizona, it includes personality inventories and surveys that pathological gamblers completed. I might write a senior thesis on some aspect of it, perhaps looking at an association with extroversion/introversion or psychopathic deviance or something like that and gambling. Psychopathic deviance is part of the MMPI-2 which I was told was part of the data, so I could observe a correlation between psychopathic deviance and reckless, impulsive gambling, write and defend a thesis on that in my senior year. I am excited about that.

But yeah, Im gonna get my name on a published article as a petty lab monkey if I go through with this, but hey, its a step towards my goal in life. Psychopathy interests me and it is part of the data I will be working with, as well as risk taking behaviors and straight up criminal behavior like stealing things to pawn and then gambling the money away.

It’s a clinical lab, so this will hopefully make me look like a decent candidate for a clinical master’s program, which is the bee’s knees in the world of psychology. That and my GPA which is pimping and selling coke to Wall Street yuppies while writing a paper on the literary devices used in advertisements. Clinical psychologist mice are like “I’m the hoarder of cheese, I have so much cheese that I am constipated from it.”

Wait I mean I am on the trajectory to achieve my dreams.


You just made me shoot tea out my nose! :trollface:



haha, sounds like a plan and way beyond anything my inferior little brain could ever muster haha

good luck :thumbsup:

Lol, and for my class I have to write a 750 word essay today comparing The book “Alice in Wonderland” to the Disney movie. We’re certainly on different trajectories aren’t we? Lol.

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what do you mean you are ’ now the mad scientist '…lol.
take care
p.s good on you.