I am the non-whitest white person of all time!

In my class we learned that Irish, Italians and Jews used to be considered “non-white”. So since I am Italian Irish AND Jewish, that makes me the epitome of the walking non-white white person!!! But seriously I find it interesting how my families non white whiteness brought them into heritage blending relationships. Like they were like “were oppressed white groups from the Bronx, let’s all get married and have kids since we have that in common !!!” (And not to mention they loved each other…Going back my family has no history of divorce).


We also talked about how whiteness is a social construct and slowly Chinese and Japanese are being “accepted” into the “white ethnicity”. Stupid I know :smile:

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Our teacher also told us there are 53 different ethnicities of Chinese!!! She said she was in the most prominent ethnicity. Han.

Eastern Europeans have also been traditionally “non-white” in America.


What about porteguese and Spanish :tired_face:

I felt like if your heritage wasn’t typically Christian, then you were “non white” at one point. It’s all dumb if you ask me.

Since I had the delusion I was African American for many years…that makes me even more non-white-white!

Why do you talk so much about race? Are you studying racial issues?

This girl in my class called herself “white passing”. Honestly I thought she was Latina-white. But her dad is black. Her skin is paler than mine but she’s got at least 40% African heritage she said.

Yes we are…my school talks about race so much. They try to make it an untaboo subject to drop the stigma I feel. But we read a whole book and had an eight hour class on race!

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We read citizen by Claudia rankine. It’s a great book! Probably the greatest book ever (exaggerating). But really it was really cool.

I am mostly Welsh (from Wales) and then the rest is German.

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are Portuguese and Italian white or latin?

He’s talking about the American social construct of “whiteness” rather than any scientific classification. They’re Caucasian, if that’s what you’re wondering, but Italians in particular and Iberians/southern Europeans to a lesser extent were not considered acceptable/“white”/someone decent folks could be friends with or live near or marry for a large part of their history in the US. Same with the Irish, the Slavs, the Jews. They’re perfectly “white” now.

It all goes to show how stupid and subjective the whole idea of racial discrimination and “whiteness” is.


I saw on one site that the Irish were enslaved in America for a good while. They came here as indentured servants, and they were treated worse than the blacks. A black slave was worth a lot more than an Irish slave. The Irish were very expendable.

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I’d rather be African American some days, we already steal all of their culture. :smirk:

I don’t know how true this is, but this professor in an anthropology class told us that all the white people in Louisiana have at least 1/32 African American blood in them.

I don’t know the entirety of my mix, but I know a little.
Canadian born, Ukrainian, Irish, Scottish, and Polish.
My half siblings are also Métis.

My known ancestry is 100% British. Dna tests also show me as mainly British with some Scandinavian and West European. I get 1% North African on FTDNA and 1-1.2% Amazonian/Native American on Dna land. The North African/Amazonian/Native American is probably noise. If it isn’t noise then from results I’ve got it’s probably very distant ancestry on my mother’s side.

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If I compared my skin color to the actual color of white…its way off…in colour shade terms anyway…and my blood is def not red…its sanquine…I live in the south…in the town that spawned the kkk…a the old dragon master slayer of the universe has mixed grandchildren now…lol irony…is it better to teach a class on old whiteness or let the breeding habits of my gen break the stigma?