I am thankful I wake up each morning

I often wake up early and go to a grocery store to buy the day’s food and drinks. And so I did in this morning too. I met one person whom I know and he told that another person whom I have known had passed away yesterday. The person who died was not very old. Well, I am happy to wake up each morning. I have kept a list of persons who have died and whom I have known during these 20 years and in my list I have 61 names, so three persons a year. But life goes on.


Yeah, the alternative isn’t great.


My first thought is the opposite, and it doesn’t set me up well for the day

I am living to look after my puppy at the moment and that’s it

He’s worth it though

We have a strong bond already after a month and a bit.

Enjoying going out for walks with him


Glad to hear you enjoy waking up in the morning. For me mornings are usually the hardest part of the day.

And @Joker , I’m happy your heart has found its reason to beat.


I’m thankful I wake up each morning too

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Our lives are most important. Not how rich or poor we might be. We can not take money to our graves, well we can buy bigger and greater funerals with more money. Funerals are quite expensive. The youngest person whom I had known and who died was a 21-year old beautiful woman Sini who died to substances abuse. What a waste, our lives are most important.

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