I am surviving just to have fun I guess, not being productive and not working

I did for a long time. It didn’t make me happy. But I think if you can manage to not feel ashamed, it can be enough. And you shouldn’t be ashamed.


I’m trying to have fun
and to provide a good show
to the cameras

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I didn’t know ypu had a job. Working is hard with sz.

i want to get back into the workforce but i dunno how

i m not living to have fun , i want to be productive, get married n so on


Not yet but I’ll finish my education this year and then move and get a job. I had a part-time job but COVID stopped that.

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What are you studying? Didn’t you already have a degree?

Didn’t you have a degree in biology?

No, not biology. I’d rather not reveal too much personal information so I’m keeping my degree a secret. But it’s a six-year degree so I’ve been working on it for some time.

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