I am super lazy

It’s time to confess - I am super lazy! And I can’t finish what I’ve started. At least I follow a reasonable diet and lost weight. But I need sport. Also I have to paint. A colleague from work is making an exhibition in London. I am full of envy! I came back home, put on my gym clothes, exercised for 2 min and gave up…and smoked 2 cigarettes and ate dinner…
I don’t know what to do or where to start from. Schizophrenia is not an excuse anymore since I am taking the right meds

Schizophrenia is not an excuse. It’s reality. I am lazy too or I should say that I suffer from negative symptoms.

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I’m super lazy too, but gradually increasing your time you spend on it would help you. I used to read 2-3 pages only or even 1-2 paragraphs at first, but I did this continuously. Continuity is important…! And after I’m used to it, I increased it to 1 chapter, 2 chapters and so on. Experts say if you keep doing things for at least 66 days, they become your habits. So even though they are a small amount of time, just keep up doing them. :grinning:

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