I am stuck with a particular world

I am living in my own world. There are set of rules i follow. There are no human interaction possible. It strictly wants to concentrate on debugging the past. And make sure that it brings tears in my eyes. I am sure this is making no sense. But thats how it is. I am silly to the core. I do stupid things in life. I am not easy to get along. I am terrified, baffled by how the real world operates. Its as if i am an alien who entered earth alone and not able to understand the human language.


If your own little world is a safe place to be, I think it’s ok to stay in there with one foot out in the crappy real world, to get groceries, or, um, hmm…I dunno?
You may eventually find you’d like to spend more time in th real world, and when you do, hopefully it will still be there.

Don’t be worry, if you have come here you will have your day, if your standards are high and heavenly then stick to them and not be terrified,

I hope i find good things in the real world to enjoy. I dont enjoy my world at all. Its so creepy.

I am here for making friends and understand friendship. And I learn about life. So i may not be so terrified.

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Everyone carries out his own fight. I hope you can solve it. good luck.

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Thanks for that.

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