I am stuck on Zyprexa

I keep trying to get off of Zyprexa and stop sleeping when I quite taking it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Tried abilify & vraylar

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I started taking Invega (tablets) last month. So far I can sleep. I hope you find a good med soon.

If it’s not too much for you, the invega sustenna depot is really nice if you like invega.

Quit anything caffeine cold turkey. I tried quiting zyprexa b4 and everytime it was the caffeine that got me in the end. Any stimulant will be too much. Can you say no bacon? I love bacon. That’s why I take my meds.

I try going off Clozaryl and I always can’t sleep about two days after I quit. I can’t sleep anymore until I start taking it again.

Cannot help you there. I haven’t slept properly since January… I give up with it now and just accept it. It’s either that or Olanzapine, and I choose broken sleep over that ■■■■■■■ drug.

I generally sleep OK on invega depot. But I go to sleep early and wake up early. But I guess that’s just my body clock. Maybe worth trying this ? I hope you find something soon.

Came off Zyprexa, taking Abilify now

You gotta survive the pain of withdrawal man
Abilify is awesome but it disrupts sleep patterns sometimes

@anon76219695 how long were you on zyprexa

@SnowTiger are you switching or just stopping completely.

A bit more than a year

Why do you want to go off zyprexa? For me its the best ap.

You could try lowering the dose to 5 mg one day 10 next day. Should take away side effects. But i dont recomend complety quitting it.

@anon62371846 I have developed prediabtes on it and over 40 pounds. I need to get off of it.

I am actually on .9mg but not sure how much lower I can go.

I guess its not suitable for everybody. It took me 2 years to start sleeping again after i lowered it. But eventually i started sleeping again.

maybe try a different sedating ap? vraylar and abilify can be stimulating rather than sedating to some people so maybe a more conventional second gen ap would fit you better

I changed to abilify which wasn’t for me. I’m now on clozapine

@anon62371846 could you elaborate surely you don’t mean you didn’t sleep for 2 years? That is insane. I mean the longest I have gone is a week.

Did you take something to help your sleep? What dosage did you lower it to?

@korieve the problem is the next 2 most sedating antipsychotics are Seroquel and risperidone both of which I have tried and didn’t seem to work. Maybe I can try a higher dose o Seroquel but somehow doubt it.

Not to mention Seroquel has a high diabetes risk similar to Zyprexa.

Geodon and Seroquel have worked really well for me. Have you tried those?

@crimby yes tried both maybe I need a higher dosage not sure.