I am still startled when lights go out

At night, when the computer screen goes out and the room is suddenly dark, I feel a moment’s anxiety as if the sun went out. I have never adjusted to the unnatural world we live in.

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I like when the light goes out. But my husbands need just a tiny light so he can find the bathroom at night. So far, it doesn’t wake me up. It’s super dim.

I t only bothers me for a second. I’m not afraid of the dark, just the sudden change.

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I’m glad you’re not afraid

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I’m not scared of the dark either but my hallucinations can get worse at night. It’s like my mind thinks that there needs to be more in my vision and there needs to be more sound. I’ve found that pitch black can be better though as it’s more like a dream state and my brain can’t use the shadows against me. So I make it really dark and put some white noise on to keep my ears busy as well. It still leaves me getting up to check things out pretty regularly but not as much as otherwise. :slightly_smiling_face:

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