"I am still powerful"


This morning on the Today show, I saw a segment on Muhammad Ali, who I never knew had developed Parkinson’s Disease. He held a torch, trembling, and he said “I am still powerful!” I found that inspirational as I sat here broken down, feeling defeated before. Right now, I can’t drive, called into work twice due to mental illness, can’t get to the grocery store for a while. The one power I still have is communication and learning, but I will regain the rest.

I got bored today, trapped in my apartment. I phoned a friend. I allowed myself for the first time in years to just sit and watch TV for hours. I’ve fallen, but I will get up!


hang in there. We all have good days and bad days, but you seem to understand that already. “All shall fade”- a quote from the lord of the rings, there was a song in the 3rd movie that went like that. Good times and bad times never last indefinitely