I am still pacing at home

i am nervous i suppose. and the half of the day- i am frustrated. does it mean that meds dont work still? i also perspire a lot du to stress. give me hope that i can go better pls :slight_smile: i also am stupid for some things still, dont get a lot og things :confused:

Being nervous and frustrated would not mean your med’s aren’t working, unless you were taking a benzo. Maybe you could aske you pdoc for a benzo to calm you down. You’ll mellow out in time. Get into the simple pleasures - watching a movie, reading a book, going for a walk. Take it easy, but take it.

thanks crimby but if the meds work now i was expecting more from them…its my 18th day oh them,probably the recovery will be doing on months,isnt it? :slight_smile: i color mandalas and watching tv. its almost everything that i do. once on two days i take a shower :slight_smile:

Schizophrenics pace because it makes them feel better.


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yes jayster but i hope it will get better. caus i cant do anything when i am like this :/. probably i should better accept my illness and to resignate that if there will be a progress in my condition it ll take time…:slight_smile:

Recovery is a process, not a destination. Anti-psych’s generally work faster than anti-depressants, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much - as long as you aren’t delusional or hallucinating. That’s about all the AP’s do - keep you from hallucinating or becoming delusional. Anti-depressants help you feel better, but they take a while to work.

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ads never helped me. i have some kind of inner suffering,probably i restrein my emotions. but i could become aggressive that s why i am restraining myself… i am wondering if i ll succeed to reconstructure my personnality. i dont know what i like anymore… otherwise, i am glad of my mandalas, they calm me down a little bit.

My son used to pace all the time.
I thought it was from boredom, but not being able to really focus on doing anything else.
Listening to music helped him a lot.

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Meds do take some time to really get the job done for you not to have positive symptoms anymore. It takes time to stabilise on the meds and for your mind and body to get used to it. For me just a change in the dosage of my existing meds regiment is a challenging experience which can last for weeks, or even months. It is also a challenge to get the meds that suit your individual case. Do not loose faith that you’re going to get better. Maybe a slight med change can do right stuff in your head.

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I usually pace around because of akathisia from the meds.

I use to pace when I have a lot on my mind… Racing thoughts mostly. Eventually I stop. But if it makes you feel better it happens to us too. If it really bothers you let your doctor know otherwise do what calms you. If you think it will help alleviate your anxiety. Do what you are comfortable with. We have the same hope to get better with less symptoms. That is what we all strive for. For now do what you are comfortable with.

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I don’t pace anymore.