I am started to think reading my horoscope is bad for me

this is what the horoscope says:
"You can expect to spend a lot of time today thinking about the past. You have a facile mind that is able to make connections between people, places and events that occurred years and miles apart. Nevertheless, when viewed from a distance all the pieces fit together in the neatest of puzzles. It is true that in life you often don’t realize you’re on a path until you look behind you. Today you see the significant trail blazes of your life to date."
this does not seem like it has much meaning but when i think about the past all i can remember is bad things and they do seem to all have a connection i can even remember hearing voices and seeing tv commercials and numbers and somehow all of it was connected and had a super important meaning that became clear to me almost instantly

everyday the horoscope tells me something else to mess with my head like one day it said i would have nightmares that would lead me to believe i know the origin of vampires and i was like wtf this is crazy now that it has told me im going to have a nightmare i dont want to sleep

I’d stop reading so much into them and just maybe start doing them for the pure enjoyment factor again!! :slight_smile:

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Horoscopes are usually so general that half the population can say that it fits what they are going through in their lives.


I just don’t understand why I always get bad stuff it is hard to enjoy but I get a notification at midnight everyday for a new daily horoscope to I cant not read it when I see something I gotta click on it

Some people can enjoy a little dabbling into the “supernatural” and it’s just a bit of fun for them. Folks like us are more prone to take things to an unhealthy degree, and so we need to shut the door on all things in that field. If it is causing you stress, you should make an effort to stop reading them. I had to stop watching the news for pretty much the same reason.


Are you able to unsubscribe? :frowning: doesn’t sound like it’s doing you much good!

it is one of the skype bot things that messages you with your horoscope everyday I might have to block it or something

the last time I watched the news was around the time I tried to quit meds, living in Chicago there is so many murders daily on the news I couldn’t even go outside I hate the news now

Sounds like that’s for the best! You need to find a nicer horoscope page and get the niceness and enjoyment back!! :slight_smile: