I am so sick of cannot quit putting things in my lung and throat

My family are unsupportive Of me smoking or vaping and are pressuring me.I am now using the gum to quit,I spent 200 dollar on vape juice which is waste of my money

Ya I just smoke regular cigs. I try to keep it to one per hour maximum but even that’s a lot. It’s tough because of the boredom or what have you. I should quit too but haven’t been trying.

It’s good to quit but you need to be ready. I always found the nicotine replacement to be a problem. I’d wear the patch till my body sucked the juice out then I’d smoke half a pack in a couple of hours. That rebound can be nasty.

I always say it. If you can do it and your ready try the champix/chantix. I couldn’t give up any other way and it was way easier and less traumatic than anything I’ve ever done. It was that easy.

I tried quitting for years. Tried everything. Patches, gum, cold turkey, hypnotherapy, hard candy. Nothing worked. Finally I gave it one last try and did it with the patches and gum then finally the mini lozenges. It took all those things together to help me quit. I had to stay away from other smokers too. You can do it if I could.

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