I am so sad

my mom and i don’t get along real well and living with this situation is so difficult…

i have a job but sometimes wonder if i would be better off without one and on some kind of assistance…

i don’t earn enough to move out on my own and i am so depressed…



I’m sorry you’re feeling down judy.

A hug.

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I hear that you are sad. Sorry!


Hey Judy. God has a good plan for you. Don’t get frustrated and don’t burn that bridge with your mother. Everyone needs there space. Just get some rest for’ll be all good

hi guys. thanks for your warm replies.

hugs to you. judy:grin:

111111111111555555555555555 hugs

I’m sorry you feel sad. I hope things pick up for you!

That’s got to be difficult, living with your mom, as an adult, because no matter how old you are (or her for that matter), she will always be your mom, and not a peer.

I just spent 9 weeks at my mom’s house due to her having 3 surgeries in 3 months, the same house I grew up in (but never spent the night even though it’s 10 minutes away) and it felt very, um…odd. Brought me back to being 12 years old again, her telling me to not only take the trash out, but how to take it out as well.
Did I also mention, I had to eat when she was hungry, sleep when she was tired, and she would give me these step by step instructions how to cook dinner, and wash the dishes, as she watched 2 feet away.
Aw…I just wanted to cry.
But I didn’t. I was good. I behaved.

If it were me, when feeling low, I’d try to get outside to get some fresh air, and say hello to everyone I meet, because you never know, there might be someone you run into that knows someone looking for a roommate.
Things have a way of working out when the time is right, rather than when we want, or think we need.

Hope you can take some time for yourself today and find a little bit of joy to brighten your day.

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I hope that you feel better soon Judy - Best of luck to you!