I am so manic right now

I’m using every bit of self control I have to not run down the side walk and start yelling something self righteous/embarrassing.

When I get like this, I swear that everybody NEEDS to know me, that I’m the smartest/sexiest person alive, I’m some kind of rock god even though I can’t sing and I’ve never played an instrument. It has its perks… But it usually ends up being embarrassing.

How’s your night?

Quiet and calm with the fan blowing. Almost time for sleep.

I cannot initiate sleep! I want to get up early tomorrow as I have plans.


I will now return the favor. You may be sexy and smart but you aren’t the sexiest or smartest. And Led Zeppelin probably out does you in record sales. Or Paul Simon. I have Simon & Garfunkel playing in the background. Are you Bi-polar? . But I guess delusions aren’t the same as mania.

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@Trigger try to get some extra sleep somehow, sleep can break manic cycles. @77nick77 when manic some people can get delusional at times

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When I get hyper, I’m in everyone face being manic. I love meeting people and talking to them all night. It takes a lot of effort and my sis standing on my foot for me not to follow my new best friend home.

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Led Zep—yeah!:******))