I am so far from you

I am here in easterm Finland close to the Russian border … I am so far from you, the life here is different …


You are not very far from me :slight_smile: We live in the same timezone anyway, but weather is warmer in my country :slight_smile:


Thang goodness for the Internet.

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They might have many great saunas there.

You could go for dip n sauna.
Can be quiet a experience and make you feel alive.
Invigorating the cold sea or lake or pool n the that awesome sauna.

Some saunas are fancy n expensive n air n smell n feel is different.

It is an entirely different world in your neck of the woods…The internet was supposed to make people closer.
Funny someone could be friends with another in,say, Africa, but they don’t even know the names of the folks living next door to them.


In the modern world one can be on anothet side of the world and then next day again on another side of the world, but still we connected to each other on the Internet. Once I was a quality manager in one high-tech Voip firm in America and we developed applications for the global communcation, basically I could have a fax number in Rome, Italy and still get these faxes in the middle of some forest in eastern Finland. The internet is wonderful.

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In America in the 1990s I was very advanced in the Internet technology, 21 years ago I developed a project ‘Island’, basically one could be in an island in Caribbean and handle all global communications from there, when I lived in my auto in America I had many email addresses and some fax numbers on the net, the Internet is really wonderful.

Yeah, I can recall being on the internet way late at night a few times when I’d get up and come back in a few minutes only to see my mouse pointer on the screen moving around clicking on programs and stuff.
Didn’t phase me, I knew it was my (ex) husband on his computer over in Germany snooping remotely on my computer.

the internet is wonderful and horrible all at the same time isnt it , just like life