I am so exhausted

i am so tired of it all.

i barely have enough energy to go to work this morning.

i wish i could call in sick but i cant today.

i almost felt ready to die.


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I know how you feel. I recently lost my job. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

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sorry to hear you feel like this @ifeelblessed =(

sorry to hear you lost your job

hi. i called in sick and took the day off and man do i feel better.

health first, then job. i feel like a real person.




Being Tired, Restless, Lost, Hopeless, Without Reasons To Continue. Under The Umbrella Of Sickness.

Beyond Internal, Then Into External. Feeling Like Being At A Dead End. Feeling Slightly Helpless.

Feeling Like Being Under Someone Or Something Else’s Control. Not Being Able To Understand.

All, Nothing, Somewhere Within A Balance Of Eternal And The Grace Of The Ground.

Etching Poems Inside Your Divided Mind. Some Invisible In The Shadow Of The Language Of Eyes.

There Is Hope Beyond The Next Step In Seemingly Endless Storms. In Lightening’s Shatter.

Embracing The Stars In Depth Blinking Inside Of Your Heart’s Warmth. Like The Sun’s Reach.

There Is Nothing That Can Destroy The Truth Of Life. It Exist’s, And So Do You Dear Reader.

Feelings Of Good And Quiet Dances. . . . . . .

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