I am so excited

That i will study next September


Congrats, what is your subject?

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Computer games and animation


That is very promising. I’m quite jealous, as I graduated with a useless degree- history haha

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You are never late to study something new

You’ve got a degree. That’s something to be really proud of. I don’t have a degree.

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It’s too much stress, money and I had to work while studying and it wasn’t really rainbows. Also I lived in uni accommodation, so drugs were in every corner

Yes that’s sucks

I am sorry @Newlyborn but I don’t see what is useless about history.
If I were interested in history I would try to become a history teacher or history lecturer/researcher.

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I have bachelor’s degree only and serious research starts after masters degree or PhD. I couldn’t ever be a teachers because of negative symptoms

OK @Newlyborn but there is stuff to do with history as an academic discipline.
If you find it hard to continue to advanced degrees or work as a teacher, it doesn’t mean the degree is
useless, just that you personally have trouble with it.

It is the problem with almost all art degrees in this era. Everyone needs an accountant, web developer, doctor, chemist and engineer. Like literature, psychology, sociology, history, art degrees have lost most of its value today. We need programmers and to be an animator doesn’t almost require art skills.

I disagree that literature, sociology and history have lost their value.
These are disciplines that you can work as a teacher , and you can work as a lecturer/researcher at
an institution of higher learning.
Even in computers, it is better to work as a computer scientist/lecturer at an institution of higher learning
than to work as a programmer.

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Hey man, congratulations!

It’s always a good thing to study or go to school.

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What are. You studying now?

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Oh I’m not in school for anything at the moment.

I really need to go back though!

I have about six months left in my veteran GI Bill benefits that I need to hurry up and use before they go bad.

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