I am so eager to be physically fit and thin

hi friends. anybody else obsessing about what happened to their figure?

i am so miserably out of shape and i can’t seem to muster the willpower, energy etc. to eat right and exercise right.

i feel 50 lbs. overweight since i was once a skinny gal.

how are you guys doing?



Yeah, I’m overweight and dream of being thin again but I give up.
Meds made me gain weight and it’s hard to lose it when you’re hungry 24/7.
I take care of every aspect of my body, except my weight.
I’ve accepted being fat if it means being stable…plus, I like my coffee with creamer :sweat_smile:


It’s like catch 22. It’s so hard to get going with exercise and diet but once your on the path it gets a lot easier. I started just with a simple fitness tracker. I had some simple goals which built up to 10,000 steps a day. It took a while but I got there and it was simple and a lot easier once your doing it for a while.

Do it. Start with a simple plan and start doing it! It really can help you mentally as well as physically. I know I sound like a broken record but it really has made such a big difference for me!


I actually am 60 pounds overweight.

But I was 100 pounds over.

Still a long way to go, but it Is coming along. I can’t wait until spring and summer when I can get walking again.


Ya, I can’t get a girlfriend being 60-80 lbs overweight. At least a pretty one…

I’m considering jogging instead of walking this summer. I’m just afraid I’ll look ridiculous doing it.

I’m down to 84 kg so gonna startup with light jogging. Both to speed up the weightloss and to improve my fitness.
Counting calories are my best tip to loose weight.

i think education is a big part of it.

Some quick tips:
just do 10 pushup, situps or squats at a time throughout the day
eat a baby spinach salad with each meal

I gained a lot of weight went from around 180-190 to 280, I’ve been dieting and I’m not finished Currently down to 256lbs but I’ve made progress. I’ve done this all before. I used to be fat as a kid like 220lbs in middle school and I dieted my way to a reasonable weight into highschool along with PE to about 190lbs and its frustrating for all that progress to have been erased, but at least I know the path forward. I’ve tried exercising but without a partner I can’t stay motivated.

Yas I obsess over it too!
I just wanna be fit

I sprint with my dog, then walk, intervals. Something about the open trail.

Everything loves me but my knees later.


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