I am so bored with myself today

I worked a few hours today only because it is sunday but I am so bored. it is too hot to go bikeriding and I am bored bored bored.

hope all is well with you.


What is the temperature there?

I never get bored on Sundays. There’s sports all year round during the day on Sundays. It’s nice. Usually I don’t get bored being a big sports fan, and working when I don’t watch sports

Yeah I’m not too happy myself

Sunday is the time we have all the Sunday markets. Very relaxed atmosphere and always interesting.

We have that on saturdays here

I’m bored as ■■■■ too. Class starts tomorrow. Three classes and research hours, the hardest part of my degree is the past.


That’s gotta feel great man.

in the early 80’s but a little humid and sunny.

it’s so nice to read that lots of us with sz have fun time. and relaxation time. I have it a little bit sometimes.

hugs, judy

Hey judes, hope your day picks up!


Doesn’t get much better weather than that for a bike ride. What is the humidity?

dreamscape, it is supposed to rain any minute. actually I like it in the 70’s best for biking.

jumanji, I just picked up my day with some piano practicing. ummmmmm it felt goooood!

hugs, judy

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