I am so angry 😬

To all these intellectual disabled psychiatrist who make my life to this day hell because they cheated in the exams. Wish you all a suicidal xmas.

What do you mean by hell?

Pure mental agony.

I think it’s from the weed you smoke

No i halfed the injection and all the memories come up. I could call someone but i can’t tell them how angry iam. I swopped to rexulti.

No wonder people get assertive coming off medications. Psychiatrist don’t like assertive people.

I don’t comply. My ass. I should have headbutted that idiot, but i was drugged. Modern torcher

These clownfaces can comply themselves. What am i? A slave or something like a dog. Get fuked.

I feel so much better now. :relieved:

What happened, dunno?

I got rid of my anger. I feel better now

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