I am slowly letting go of my ex I think

I think after breaking up, living together, and me moving out and still loving him and so much having happened between him breaking up with one of my now ex friends that I introduced him to, a suicide attempt done by me, and sleeping together on and off for 6 months I think I’m finally getting over him, we are still friends but don’t talk nearly as much but I’m happy with that now days… It took so long to let him go but I feel better.
Edit: this is not the ex that hurt my baby.



Didn’t you say in another thread that he hurt your baby and that the baby had to be placed in foster care?

You shouldn’t be trying to get over him,

You should hate him.

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@anon54386108 wrong ex
Edit: I do hate the thing that calls it’s self a man

You should cut off contact with exes for good if possible. It’s healthier to have a clean break and fresh start


I’m glad you feel better! Changes in relationships are very, very hard! Especially when there are memories together.

It’s good to be able to move on. There might be somebody much better for you. I hope you find that person.


don’t give up on love still? some things were meant to be.

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Getting over someone you love is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Especially if they move on and you haven’t! Before my ex passed away when I would see him with other people and he was happy, while I was still broken over losing him was the hardest thing in the world to see!

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