I am single and I have got a question here

I am single,I have been doing good recently.My symptoms had been kept at bay by my effort to be active,at work and personal life.The medication I take also help me a lot,would be good to keep going.

I want to ask if it’s okay for me to keep contact and date two girls and then only give one of them up after I find the girls suits me more,at the same time I got to be cautious as I wouldn’t want to become a “player”

I think you should let the ladies know the situation and allow them to date other men, as well. Then when you all agree on something, then that’s that.

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this is just my opinion…but you should never date two women at the same time…
it is disrespectful.
good on you for being stable with your illness.
take care :alien:


I’ve never dated two girls at once technically. I think it would be alright if they both knew you were just causally dating both of them. It’s your choice if you want to tell them about each other. Of course if you tell them you are dating other people, you will of course run the risk of them deciding to date other people too. But you don’t necessarily have to tell them that you are dating other women.

You knew before you wrote this question that it could be mean to date two girls for a length of time with the intent to pick the one you think is better. But it might be alright if you only go out for a couple times with each one and then pick one you like best right away. It would be cruel to string both of them along and date them both for a long time when you know you are going to drop one. But it might be good to be honest and tell them you are dating two girls.


Would you be upset if the 2 girls were dating another guy without telling you? That will be your answer.


Okay,I think this suggestion is good and fair

I won’t be upset,they are not my girlfriend,so they have the rights to date other guy and pick the right guy for themself.If one day I have a GF,it would be wrong for me or her to date another person

Ah. Well I guess I am old school. If I started dating a girl and I found out she was going out on dates with other men I would be very upset. It is disrespectful to me.

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I would be careful about deceiving these girls. That can cause a lot of anger.

I would date as many girls and then settle for the best choice.
I say take your chances and see with which of them you feel better.

Note: It is totally fine to be a player, i think players are special.

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