I am sensitive to hate

For a little while today I thought I had a new enemy, but I was wrong.
As long as people like me and as long as my surrounding world is friendly I seem to do pretty well. As soon as someone treats me badly, I feel quite bad. I am very sensitive to hate. I go out of my way to avoid hate.
To me, hate hurts.


Someone once told me they say “Not my circus…
Not my monkeys”
In other words people try to dump their crap and it’s not our problem


Mabye I think people have both liking and hate inside their mind. For example, for married couples, they can argue all the time, but they might love each other. I think the same goes for general people around you. There is no black and white. They might find something bad from you, but it could be very unimportant. People do not always show 100% liking toward someone. And thinking in other way around, not everyone might like you and you don’t either. People have bias and you do either…!

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Thanks, @FatMama . There is power is short funny words. I think I understand.
Also, thank you @Limenlemon . I have some sort of hang-up about dislike. I am trying to work it through. It seems I have very little tolerance for dislike. I may also have black and white thinking on this.



You may find this article helpful:

Good thing for you I have some extra hugs today then.



@anon17132524 Yes, that article was helpful. I admit to several of those emotional problems. I have a lot to learn. I don’t know how I got so far behind in this development. #1 I have to separate the emotions of other people from my own, and not worry so much about others. I need to learn more boundaries.
I plan to return to this link. You have pegged a developmental plan.

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@velociraptor Thanks for that understanding of my emotions and for responding with emotional support. Some days have more hate than others. I also have a lot of love in my life and for that I am very thankful.

i have a dislike for a certain person in real life but i am trying to work on it, like you by trying to be more tolerant and practicing forgiveness

i realise how hard this can be to achieve however especially if it is something that has hurt deeply :slight_smile:

Sometimes it takes me about two weeks to forgive. And perhaps not totally.

There is too darn much hate, period. I think everyone can agree on that. Or one hopes that they can one day.


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