I am scared to go to Portland and Seattle

I am scared to travel by car to Portland and Seattle basically out of state. Last time had a pleasant time in Portland and a hellish time in Seattle. I am afraid to be on their local news and have a lot of angry people chase me. I hate having what they think are my thoughts being read. Last time I traveled to one state I had a lot of death threats and I thought I would not make it. I am not a bigot or a pervert, but they make me seem like one.

How can I have a safe and drama free journey? I have flashes of images I am afraid people can see.

Do you honestly feel stable enough to travel?

I hope so. Really want to travel.

Do you want to go or do you have to go?

Both, I also have to go.

Does anything help? :dog2::dog2::dog2:

I don’t know what will help, maybe listening to soothing music wearing earplugs.

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Last time when I went to this certain state, they were so upset with me that they poisoned my drink. I don’t think I could go back there again. They were calling me ugly in the downtown and had people follow me. I think it was a race issue. For some reason I was worried about the police thinking I said or thought something racist.

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