I am scared for tonight

I am scared that Plague is going to come again tonight. He came last night and started touching me and I sent him away by calling on God. I guess even if he does come tonight I can call on God again and just keep sending him away. But I am scared for those moments where he convinces me not to call God. I never know what will happen with him because he’s horribly clever and sneaky and tricks me all the time. This is not good, I thought I had gotten rid of my fear and anxiety at night but now I know he’s back and I just want to be safe.

Perhaps plague just needs the living ■■■■ beat out of him.

Maybe plague is kind of in a hurry actually because he knows what is coming.

I never have named them, i just wait for them to get the living ■■■■ beat out of them. Which they are now doing to me. It goes around the circle, all of the way around. Predator gets it flipped on him, it begins anew and he is on the bottom of the chain, brilliant.

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Maybe you can switch on the light all night?

Find plague a girlfriend for himself, any bad vice will do. Perhaps he will be too busy to bother you anymore?

Expect the worst come out on top

I was totally fine last night and nothing bad happened. I should have known that because he rarely ever attacks two nights in a row.

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Good to hear

I think you as a person shouldn’t spend too much time alone

Ask for help if you need it


My cousin molly after divorce moved in with best friend

Said often

I don’t want to be alone

Even a fast food restaurant has friendly people

Actually I’m at a fast food restaurant now! It is good to not be alone

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Hate hearing you going through so much. Have you thought again on trying meds.

I have something similar sometimes. Waking up to very real nightmares where i would try to fight the dark, cold isolation that strips u of ur security and i call on god for help but i resist because i want to experience the pain and learn from it.

That sounds absolutely terrifying! I don’t even want to know what plague looks like, I can just tell from his name that it is terrible.

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