I am sad and experiencing bad thoughts. Anyone to talk to?

I have some reasons behind this…

Hey dreamy! We all get sad every now and then. It’ll pass. Do you have anything to take your mind off things? Is there anything on TV?

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Im so confused!!

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Hi @everhopeful, I watch TV rarely. Like I told you I have some reasons beyond “mood swings”.

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What`s happening?

I thought u were some sort of guru

so so so so weird

I am not, sorry

im so sorry!!!

Remember that things can get better. Surely your reasons aren’t so intractable that they will keep you down forever.

I think one of these days I can be homeless. Not sure. I am very depressive right now, since I can not figure a way out of this.

maybe but im convinced you came after the last post to get at me. i cant stop shaking

calm down, I am just an user, ok? Do not be confused… I answer your questions.

Im so sorry i promise im so so sorry

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No worries… be calm.

Why are you worried about becoming homeless?

That sounds a little paranoid, User44. You weren’t in my mind when I posted.

It’s good that you’re talking about your problems. I had a scare that I was going to be homeless recently too. Thankfully, it didn’t materialize.

Dreamy u a great person im an idiot

@everhopeful I am Portuguese, and according to the law I get “benefits” if my parents die. I do not want them to die. And then there is law about interdiction and inhabitation, meaning I can not administer any money or goods. I have some family problems right now and if I decide to leave this place to work I lose everything. If I get a precarious job or if I am fired I must live with 200Eur and can`t afford a place to stay.

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