I am refusing Mirtazapine

The weight gain will be too much, and I will not be taking it.

Might get a call from the pdoc.

I said in the email:

"Just to let you know I cannot start treatment with Mirtazapine.

Please can you let Dr. know I am unable to due to the weight gain side effect?

I do not think it’s worth the trade-off, as I already have problems with my weight, and the last thing I want to do is make it worse.

Hope you understand my concern."


Not everyone reacts the same way to the same meds. How are you travelling with your current medication?

I don’t understand

Sorry, that’s a saying where I live. What I meant was: How are you coping with your current medication?

Ah ok, sorry I thought that was what you meant but wasn’t sure!

It’s a mess. The SZ meds there is no problem. They have been giving me lots of different things for temporary problems.

The treatment team seem to get a kick out of telling me how depressed and anxious I am, but I do not think this is a permanent situation that requires medication

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The depression and anxiety could be due to meds or due to dealing with life after sz medication. I know I had to deal with a mountain of anxiety producing bitterness after finding a medication that worked. If you think the meds are the cause then you should try something different. If it isn’t, then you need time to work through things and come out of depression. No easy feat.

I raised the issue with feeling depressed, and it took the treatment team 6 weeks to respond.

To be honest, I was actually starting to feel a bit better on my own after I took a break from work.

Then they still try to give me antidepressants even though this was the case

6 weeks, ouch.

Feeling better after taking a break from work sounds like what I’m going through, so I feel for you.
…and Mirtazapine is the antidepressant. For some reason I thought it was an ap.

I think you have made the right decision.

I am sorry you have also found this an issue.

Taking a break from it really helped me, so I hope you’re in a position to do the same to give it a try

Thanks - we’ll see how it goes, but for now, this treatment seems a bit unnecessary

We’ll see how the treatment team react - this could be just put down to noncompliance

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Good idea. Mirtazapine can make you ten times more suicidal

Hi xxxxx

No problem, you sound insightful. Let me know how it goes.


Call any time if you want

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Hi xxxxx

I don’t want other medications.

There is no depression to treat, and the anxiety is a construct that I don’t fully buy into either.

These are things that have existed, but I think they were temporary states to reasonable explanations

We’ll see how things go.


Hi xxxxxxx

I didn’t think there was much of a weight gain with Mirtazapine. No worries I’ll tell Dr xxxx there are other medications.

Thanks for letting me know.


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All I did for 3 days after taking one mirtazipine pill was sleep and eat like crazy

What dose of medicine are you on?there are plenty of benzo to treat anxiety

Sounds like something to avoid!

For anxiety I take 300mg Pregabalin and up to 30mg diazepam

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@Joker i just started mirtazapine (remedying) and all I do is eat and have nightmares. I want to stop this medication which was supposed to treat my depression and help me sleep. Not worth it. I’ve gained 20lbs in a month.

I am so sorry this has happened to you :confused:

Hope you can find a better solution

One thing I’m going to try is to get an advocate to help me get better treatment

Don’t know if you might benefit from someone helping you get the right meds?

I am sick of being given these pills that seem to cause more problems than they fix.

On 8 meds now :angry:

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Glad they seemed understanding with you not taking it. I think you made the right choice. I used to take it for insomnia and it was awful.

What happened to you when you were on it? (Don’t say if you’d rather not) Just interested on feedback

Cannot just believe the pdoc because he tells me it’s a wise decision!

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To be honest it is a relaxing med and it does help you sleep but the eating is a real problem

I am super paranoid about putting weight on. Had real problems with Olanzapine, and this drug worries me for the same reason.

Weight gain as a common side effect for me has been a red line for years

Not sure even if I tried that I could resist eating more :confused:

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