I am reducing Clozapine

I can get no guidance

The mental health team effectively told me today that if I need support, speak to duty

My lead practitioner was only there to facilitate the rehab team treatment

So because I back out of the enhanced treatment, the result is pretty much nothing

As a result, I do not wish to continue Clozapine at the current level, because everywhere I read online that you need close monitoring

Just on hold to the duty, and I am going to admit defeat of many years of changing meds by going back to Olanzapine


Going from something called enhanced to basically nothing does not make any sense

Good luck
I’m on clozapine and have been on fifteen years. I wront change now but t I wish I’d stayed on olanzapine. I don’t like clozapine they can’t increase it because of risk of fits

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I’m so sorry things are that aggravating. :angry:

Is there a way to go back on enhanced support?

I’d hate to see you symptomatic again after you’ve done so well on clozapine.

But I also understand completely.

I only have one more AP to try if my Risperidone fails, and then my psych nurse wants to try me on clozapine.

We have no car, so the logistics of all the bloodwork would be a nightmare.

Be careful. Do you have any olanzapine on hand? Ideally your pdoc would be watching you closely, but I’d be quite the hypocrite if i told you not to monkey with meds…I’ve done it heaps, as recently as three weeks ago…yikes.

So good to see you posting more today! :hugs:

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Dropped 100mg last night hoping it goes well

Going to target 300mg a day so reducing another 50mg maybe next week

I’m on 300mg clozapine
and it’s good

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I am doing it fast. Online it says to drop by very small amounts

But not patient enough for that

Hoping it will be ok

Glad to hear that 300mg works for others

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So far so good

It has been after 48 hours now

There is no turning back if it goes wrong

Increases would have to be slow

Only want to go down another 50mg to see if the side effects can be controlled

Don’t want to take even more laxative than I already do! TMI


Joker please take care and listen to your body. You know Clozapine is the most potent antipsychotics in your armory. I got rid of the Ziprasidone 1 1/2 years ago what I’m very proud off. But after my mother got off her 25 mgs of Zyprexa 3 months ago I really understood how madness works in my family so I surrendered and raised my dose to 800 mgs of qutiapine.