I am really not successful

I hate everything. I want to die…

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You don’t know what you got till you loose it.


You don’t have negative symptoms. You should be grateful for that at least. And you seem smart.

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You’re good at pixel art


Hugs spooky 56789

I want to die but i don’t need to.

I felt like that a thousand times. But things got better.
I remember back about in the late 1980’s when I was living semi-independently and one day I met my mom and my future step-father at a restaurant for coffee. I had been ill for about 7 years by then and things were not going well for me. I told my mom and step-dad that I was suicidal and just felt like giving up. They gave me a pep talk and tried to help me.
They told me not to give up because researchers were working on making newer medications all the time that could work better. Well, they were right and the second generation meds came out just a few years later. This is why you don’t give up. New medications are being worked on all the time. They might invent a new medication in 5 years or 2 years or tomorrow. No one can really say for sure but it’s worth sticking around for.


There are many different ways you can be successful. Maybe you’re not starting your own fast food chain, but you can still be a good person. And remember, the game isn’t up yet. You still have time.

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please don’t hurt yourself !! do you think you are stable? tell your pdoc !!

You’re a young guy. Just keep working and honing your skills. You still have time to be successful.

You have some serious mood swings, brother.

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I was very suicidal for years. And then, one day, my pdoc put me on the one med that helped me and that took away all my depression and suicidality for the rest of my days. You never know when your pdoc is going to have the one medication that is going to help you. Never give up on Western medicine. New innovations in medication technology are being developed every day. Never give up.


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