I am quite disabled

one day i went to antoher city with a friend, she had a crush on one guy,we were partying at his house and i stayed 3 days on the sofa not coping to get out of it by fear and by mi illness. in fact its like my brain is shut down, theres no lot of ideas there if theyr are not anguished… yeah, that s my great life,i dont know if ill get through it one day . and also- i have a masked like face. dont know anymore how the others make so many mimics…

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Seems like you are letting the people around you stole all the fun, and your energy also. You know why you can’t have fear??? Because you only live once. And even when “life” do all the possible things to make ours a hell, we were born with a gift, the gift of having the capacity to love ourselves above anything. I’m not telling you this because I’m the happiest person alive, I’m telling you this bc I have my issues,my downs. I’m not at my best. In fact, I’m also experiencing the death of a brother, a good one, my brother. And having said that, I discovered that life is going to happen only once. Don’t underestimate life by just lying on a couch all sad… Take a med, party, enjoyyyy…!!! “Make your heaven in hell” :grin:

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