I am quickly acquiring a new language: Spanish

I have been working with a new Spanish teacher for an hour every week on the phone, just conversing and talking about anything and everything. And it’s really helping me. Mainly by boosting my confidence.

At the same time, I am devouring Spanish language apps: Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and now, Duolingo. And they are all helping me immensely.

Last night, I got the chance to speak Spanish with a native speaker who lives in the US!!! In my long experience, Latinos who live in the states always prefer and insist on speaking English to Americans rather than listening to American’s lousy Spanish. At least this has been my experience. Last night this Latino man did not hesitate to speak Spanish with me the whole time of our interaction! That’s a milestone for me. In case you’re wondering, he was the grocery delivery person.


Spanish is a relatively easier language to learn compared to French or German… I feel.


French is highly comparable to Spanish. If you can understand one you can figure out the other.

I agree that German is very difficult. But it’s supposed to be more like English.


Awesome! People love it when you speak their native language. It means you have a respect for their culture.


Que guay!

How familiar are you with all the tenses now? The most important ones being the present, the imperfect, the preterite, the future, future conditional and the dreaded subjunctive?

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It is good that you are learning a new language!! Sounds like fun!

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I am still learning Chinese characters. It drives me nuts. Sometimes they start looking all the same. Lol, who invented this language?

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I’m trying very hard to get familiar and comfortable with all the tenses or conjugations. It’s really hard. There are so many! And so many irregulars!


There are so many, it is true!

Verb drills is a way to get familiar with them. Get a pen and paper and get writing is my advice. If you learn the format then you can get familiar with the process.

I play etc… played, used to play, will play, would play, may play
he, she, it (ud formal you)
You (plural)
They ( uds formal plural you)

As there are so many, it takes a lot of hard work.

Verb drills are boring, but they work. You can get a verb drill grammar book quite easily.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Just wait for neuralink lol…

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Thanks. 15151515

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