I am practicing a new

classical piano piece entitled: Rondo Alla Turca, by Wolfgang Mozart. I have the whole piece worked out. The melody, the fingering, the counting, and the chords, and I’ve played the whole piece several times now. I think I’ve got it down fairly good. I’m playing the chords as broken eighth note chords.

What are you guys working on with your instruments?


@SkinnyMe, i’m not working on anything. Pretty much given up on guitar as I just can’t get it. I might go back to my uke. Are you playing a classical guitar?

Wow, I know playing classic piano is very hard. Proud of you!

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I still play guitar every morning and sing for Angie…today I played “house of the rising sun” and “here comes the sun” and “about a girl” by Nirvana…short session.


I want to learn Minuet in G major by Bach.

I keep forgetting to practice my flute, which makes me sad. I spent a lot of money on it and always wanted a Pearl flute, then I just forget.

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