I am oversleeping

I have been on Olanzapine 5mg for four months now,as stable but for the past month I was oversleeping like 9-10 hours a day which do you consider ok?

Past three days I slept 12 hours,this is true…

I sleep at least 12 hours a night, sometimes up to 13 or 14. 9 or 10 sounds legit.

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Ok thanks.I was worried

9-10 hours doesn’t sound too bad

How many hours will it be consider bad for oversleeping

over 10 I think, I’m not sure

9 hours is very good sleep, normal too, don’t worry… Zyprexa definitely tires and puts to sleep, yeap…
Me, I oversleep since kid, even without meds and being like this since this time, turned out to be a tough illness… I can sleep on Zyprexa for 12 hours, but sometimes I try to pull myself out of the bed earlier… Over 11 hours is not good imo…

I’m on 15 mg of Zyprexa and I sleep about 9 hours, then always have a very rough time waking up, and in the evening I often get tired and take a nap. I may need to change meds.

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