I am one star NATO General

It is a joke, but I have this old NATO camouflage jacket and it has one star, I did some research and it is one star NATO General … :smile:


Where iz ur jacket…

I am wearing it ,… :smile:


Okay …is it winter time in finland…or its hot out there…

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You should know it is summer …


I hope you’re doing okay. I threw all my old military uniforms away even the desert camo and my dress green uniform. I became disgusted by what the military had done to me and how I left with barely anything. I’m now undergoing a process to file complaints about war crimes that were committed around me.

I am ok, I just like these old military jackets … I have also one Norvegian army rain coat, very handy when it rains …

Honestly I should have kept them and mailed them to you. I had some awesome boots and uniforms if you’re into surplus gear. I gave or threw away most of it though.

Somehow I understand your feelings, when I lived in my auto over two years in America I met many veterans from Vietnam war to the 1st Gulf War and they had all kinds of thoughts … one Cherokee indian had been in the tunnels of Viet Gong in Vietnam and had received all kinds of medals but had thrown these away, I just listened to their words … my Master’s thesis adviser in America was a Vietnam veteran who had had the helicopter crash twice, he was proud of his service.

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This NATO matter is very important here where I am, we are so close to Russia and Russia does not want Finland to join the NATO … but some people think differently.

It’s winter where I am atm! Why should we know it’s summer where you are?


Dream its summer here in kathmandu .really hot sun…

Russian girls are also very beautiful. Why Finland wants to join NATO.

The majority of Finns do not want to join NATO, then there are people who like to join, the world is full of beautiful women, Miami Beach was full of them …

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I am the very model of a modern major general.



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My father had the diplomatic equivalent of a one star rank. He was in line for promotion but didn’t fancy leaving America to go to Africa so took early retirement to live in America instead.


No, I mean ladies is not a criteria for any army alliance, I understand that. But I think some time why Kuwait become the alliance of NATO. Because its written that an attack on any NATO country is understood as attack against NATO. Or it is an counter attack on humanitarian basis and failed.