I am on my way to finding a cure for my schizophrenia

I have already identified the mechanism of action of my schizophrenia:
Some forces( let’s call them objects) are sending invisible signals to my brain that cause auditory
hallucinations, involuntary talking and shouting, involuntary body movements, irritability etc.
Now I will move further in my attempt to discover exactly what kind of signals they are and how to
block them.

What forces are these?

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It’s a bit concerning that you’re experiencing all those.

The only treatment is meds.

No, meds don’t treat the core problem.
The core problem is invisible signals that are sent to my brain, and these signals need to be discovered and blocked.

The only cure is time, sleep, and the company you keep

I hope you’ll be ok @Chess24 .

This actually sounds like a delusion to me.

Anyways I wish you well

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There are no signals.

You have schizophrenia.

I hate that you are experiencing these symptoms,

But it’s hard to feel sorry for you when you won’t get on meds.

No amount of working out or “blocking signals” is going to work.

You need medication.


@anon54386108 is right @Chess24 . If your symptoms are as bad as that, you really need to speak to a psychiatrist and get on some meds.

I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s the best thing.


Don’t bother trying to build a Faraday Cage into your home. Doesn’t work. You also wind up needing to block Mastercard after charging all of that copper as well.

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