I am ok in some ways

i have been feeling so paranoid i thought i was in danger for years.

now i realize i am safe enough.

my fears got the best of me.

can anybody relate to this?


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My paranoia hasn’t been a problem for years. But prior to getting on the right meds I was stuck in “fight or flight” survival mode everyday. It’s amazing to me now that I lived like that.

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i get it exactly. every day going to work was challenging in the sense i felt so much paranoia there.

i just gotta stop it permanently. not the job… the fears…


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You’re OK in a lot of ways: nice, respectful, persevering, intelligent and empathetic to name just a few.


Yes when I was psychotic I thought everyone was trying to kill me for a very long time

nick you are the nicest with all those complliments!!!

you too are wonderful and thoughtful and undertanding.

hugs to you and everyone here.



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