I am now practicing a repertoire

Since I am now without an instructor due to the Corona virus.

Here is what I have so far:

Tell Me My Fair Ladies, by Mozart
Variations on a Sea Chanty, by Anonymous
Ave Maria, by Schubert
Minuet in G Major, by Christian Pretzold (formerly attributed to Bach)

I don’t have these pieces memorized. Far from it. I must look at the scores to play them. I’m afraid mild cognitive impairment due to sza has destroyed my memory. But, I don’t mind playing from the scores.


Good to keep the practice up. I’m determined to keep my exercise up. I would like to pick up a guitar again but not really in the coin to get one. Anyways. I’ve other things to do but well done to you for keeping up that practice…The bonus is when you get your teacher back you should be better…that is a cool goal to have.


Good for you @SkinnyMe!
Practice makes perfect. :heart_eyes_cat:

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