I am now eligible to get vaccinated

16 and up now eligible, i need to schedule an appointment. they do it locally here at the church of christ. they also do flu shots during flu season. it’s whatever, i try not to step into churches but o well.


Schedule it straight away !

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My step-father told me we (our county) have a surplus because not many people want to take it. I’m one of those people. Not sure if he’s telling the truth, but I think he is.

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my dad is hesitant but im going to get it. mom is already vaccinated, she was sick for a couple days after getting vaccinated. she had a strong reaction to the vaccine. she got moderna shot.

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Go for it. The more vaccinated, the closer we are to some sort of normal life back.

I got moderna. Had a sore arm for a few days. 800 mg of ibuprofen cleared it up.


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