I am not sure if I am good or bad

I am being constantly targeted by my wife for the behavior during manic episodes, psychosis and saying I am worst and cheap character. And says I don’t know how to spend and behave. She is always pin pointing that I am so selfish and not caring for the family.

Those are all serious accusations. I am not able to bear it, everyday there is argument and she wants to prove that she is much better than me and she is doing everything right and I am doing everything wrong. I am not able to separate and I am not able to find peace.

If you read this I thank you for your patience and understanding.


Have you talked to your wife calmly about it, away from the children?

I am not able to talk to her away from the child. Maybe will need to talk in a common spot.

If I were you,

While you are both in a decent mood,

Have someone watch the kid or something and talk.

I’m not saying it’ll go well,

But it’s what you guys need to do.

It’s not right to be constantly put down by a spouse.

Hear her side and tell your own.

Best of luck.

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I have felt that your wife is abusive since you began speaking about her behavior. That being said, she may have genuine concerns about your behavior as well. Again, separation is always an option and a good one in my opinion. Anyway, I know I don’t really help when I say this stuff because you don’t feel like you can leave her but I broke up with people and got back together with them it does happen

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Thanks for the tips. I will try to explain what I can to see if she hears out my side. For now it is like I am losing the battle.

Yes @FreeLunch I have spoken about this many times in this forum. I used to see separation as an option as well. But I have to leave this to take some time to find a solution on its own till then I will try to communicate and see what happens.

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She needs to vent out her frustrations as well, like you vent them out on forum. That’s good. Most of wifes picks on husbands while frustrated, but is hard to talk about frustration of someone.

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Yea true. She is venting all her anger on me. Looks like she is not done with the pain she went through because of me. Always bringing up the times when I spent a lot of money due to mania. Even I cannot explain why I did those things. Maybe ask her to vent out at her house instead or write some books about it might be a good outlet to begin with I guess.

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I did the same, spend moneg while manic. It is hard for other person to forget that, but what they do not know is how hard is to forget oneself for doing it.
When needs hit hard, no one really cares unfortunately.

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I believe that most, if not all of us are both.

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