I am not probably asking her to have a coffee with me

Almost one month ago I asked your opinion if I should ask one woman to have coffee with me at a cafe. I think that this is not going to happen because I have not seen her any longer. Too bad.


You must seize the opportunity.


I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe some other nice lady will come along. You never know


I think you should ask her to coffee.

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Hmm. . .

Chances Of The Questions Of Uncertainty, Will her Heart Remain Silent, Will She Speak. . .

The sad truth dude is someone likely snatched her up.

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It is okay if I do not ask her to a coffee. I am living in a small town and many people know each other.

I read that something like half of Millennials consider it to be sexual harassment if they are asked out for a drink.

Oh, that touchy generation.

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@anon39054230 Yeah, I can not understand that.

The western world is going to hell.

I remember your previous thread. Sorry you haven’t had the chance to ask her.

Maybe someday you’ll run into her again, or some other lucky woman will catch your eye.

Sending well wishes.

You’re thinking of the wrong generation.

Everyone thinks millennials are such trash,

Do you realize we’re all like forty now?

It’s the young kids that are so sensitive.

Not us.

" How #MeToo has RUINED dating: Expert who runs £4,500 bootcamps for men claims they’ve become ‘dull nice guys’ who REPEL women because they’re too scared of looking ‘creepy’

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I like Millennials…they are funny, worldly…etc. Just a little sensitive, though.

I am 54 in this year. The time just goes so quick. I have been single since my divorce in America in 2000, yes 21 years which is okay.

How on Earth do they end up dating then?!?!


Asking to go out to smoke

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Did you mean an alcoholic drink? I thought about it. I can understand it giving the wrong impression. But coffee shouldn’t be considered sexual harassment

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Hey I’m proud to be a baby boomer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m Generation X

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