I am not present in my wife’s life

I really feel so much guilt being with her,I am happy I married her,but I am not in her life.I didn’t asked her how she feel,what she does…I am just a loner who cannot relate…maybe it’s best I should be alone instead of tying up someone else.

I had a aunty whom is not married,I felt if I end up like her it will be a nightmare.I thought I am always not facing what I am afraid the most…I mean maybe she is happier then me?

Do you love her? If so, start by trying to be a part in the smaller things and build up from there

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I had too much anxiety,and my personality is shy and avoidance.I really want to do something for her…I am providing her a living while she is not working now cause of the lockdown.I am not available emotionally

That’s really sad. Could you possibly need an antidepressant? You sound depressed

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I can’t really comment since I do not have a wife or am married but all I can say is you two share a legal marriage certificate and will remain husband and wife until you two die. (hopefully no divorce)

How long have you known your wife before you married her?

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One year 151515

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You still need to get to know her.

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Don’t you two have conversations about daily activities and small talk ?

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I never asked.I mean i trust her,maybe too much.I always hide inside my room while she can be out all day.I am currently stranded in her country…I hope to be back with my family soon

Describe a typical day with your wife, from morning to bedtime.

During lockdown,my wife would wake up at 6am because her mum/dad would wake her up to help them do chore/work,I would still be sleeping until 12pm-2pm.I never go out of the room unless I need to refill water,she would come in the room once In a while to talk and check on me.I sleep normally at 2-3am

So you work from your room ?

So ask her……………

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