I am not opening up to almost everyone

Well, I guess this would be the last time I revolve public discussion on myself.

I am not opening up to almost everyone. Maybe it is because of childhood trauma? Or the bad news I heard about bad people everywhere?

It seems like I am not good in expressing my feelings, and I already know why. I want to safeguard my heart, because I believe we live in an unsafe world.

But I want to change. Maybe this post will gone in 14 days and I will start accepting others?


Having things in common with other members definitely helps me. While many of us share a sz/sza dx our life experiences are radically different. I would love to fully open up with everyone and minimalize any friction but that gives me the jitters by thinking how high my stress level will jump.

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Thank you for your comment. I agree and I want to take the opportunity to open up with you-- I apologize for my comment several days ago on your sane/insane thread. I was posting that during midnight in a dark bedroom. I am sorry if that comment made you uneasy. :persevere:

I heard someone said that over-communication is not healthy.

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it’s good to see you.

Everybody has laws on their body and involvement with others.
I remember lots of good posts from you, is this something new?

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I remember you, Daze.

I hope my posts are more realistic from now on. Thanks for the compliment.

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Thank you and I wasn’t worried though. I also need to be mindful of what I write to folks on here. What I think may be funny can seriously hurt someone. I want to be a better person in many respects but I fail and fall daily. :slight_smile:

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I wish you success on that.

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Thanks. We’ll get there. But I learned somewhat slowly that I need to adjust my attitude in relation to my expectations of people on this forum. I tend to see a name and an avatar but tend to forget their is a person on the other end.

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Great comment. It is normal for forumers to have this tendency. :slight_smile:

But you make a good and realistic attempt. Keep it up!

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